Brightwaters Christian College students walking to school along Lake Maquarie waterfront

Bus Routes

Discover Brightwaters Christian College Private Bus Routes.

At Brightwaters Christian College, we seek to make education accessible and convenient for families in our community. Our range of private bus routes surround the Morisset area, ensuring that every student has a reliable and efficient way to get to school and back. Our easy-to-use search feature below allows you to quickly find the route map and timetable that best suits your family’s needs.

2023 Brightwaters Bus Routes

  1. 1Station St, Dora Creek
  2. 2Amos Street, Bonnells Bay
  3. 3Loftus Street, Bonnells Bay
  4. 4Brooks Street, Bonnells Bay
  5. 5Harbord St, Bonnells Bay
  6. 6Bay St, Balcolyn
  7. 7Helena St, Balcolyn
  8. 8Yarrawonga Park Road, Yarrawonga Park
  9. 9Brightwaters Christian College
  1. 1Crawford Rd, Cooranbong
  2. 2Frisco Garden & Concrete
  3. 3Old Service Station 503 Freemans Dr, Cooranbong
  4. 4McCullough St, Cooranbong
  5. 5Avondale Road, Cooranbong
  6. 6Ellenborough Dr, Cooranbong
  7. 7Brightwaters Christian College
  1. 1Wyee Hall, Wyee
  2. 2Bus Stop @ Stockton St, Morisset
  3. 3Aspen Gr, Morisset
  4. 4Macquarie St, Morisset
  5. 5(Brightwaters Midway Drop-off)
  6. 6Trinity Point Dr, Morisset Park
  7. 7Chifley Rd, Morisset Park
  8. 8Hervey Street, Windermere Park
  9. 9Brightwaters Christian College

Please note that The blue line or stops do not accurately reflect the bus' actual route.